The Screening Process

In this competitive world, jobs are less and candidates are in multiples of hundreds or thousands per job. In research, it was found that for a small company (with employees less than 100) in India, on an average, 239 candidates apply for one job. After the first screening, 94 Candidates makes to the list and about 12 candidates get a call for Interview. For bigger companies, this data is even higher.

If we go by data, the success to application ratio is less than 0.5%, this clearly shows tough competitiveness. It never means that the rejected 99.5% of candidates aren’t capable and qualified. Nearly 6% candidate in a small organisation and 2.5% in a large organisation gets a call for an interview among all the applicants. 95% of candidates don’t even get the call.

Common Mistakes of Resume

Too much descriptive

Recruiters can’t spend much time on each resume. Practically, a recruiter spends 5-7 Seconds on one resume. Most of the candidates have too much descriptive resume, which can’t be judged in just a few second. The candidate might be the right fit but would not get a call if their resume is not able to convey this quickly.

Resume, CV or Bio-Data?

Apart from the too descriptive resume, the second common mistake is not able to understand the difference between Resume, Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Bio-Data. about 26% of candidates provide Bio-data or basic CV, which can not highlight their achievements. The basic difference between Resume, CV & Bio-data is about the content. Resume details the skills and professional achievements. CV details educational and personal strength along with professional skills and so it is very descriptive. And Bio-data is about the individual’s personality and personal life.

Grammatical Errors

It is observed that 42% resume have basic grammatical mistakes. Such mistakes just lower the rating of resume and create very bad impressions. However, this can easily be removed by re-checks but still, the numbers are quite high.

How does “One Page Resume” help you?

  • It works on the concept of 5-Seconds Selectivity.
  • Impressive Resume which is not only easy to clear screening but also give the right impression to the interviewer.
  • Highlights the right skills.
  • Many times proof-reading is done to avoid grammatical errors.
  • It initiates the right topic where we can talk.
  • Reflection of a professional aptitude.

So, get a professional help to make a right resume for you. Your career matters a lot.