Can your Resume pass 5 Seconds Screening Test?

Recruiters spend an average of 5-7 seconds reviewing an individual resume.

Why a professional is required to write your resume?

Selectivity is the first criteria for any good resume. Getting selected among millions of resumes may not be easy but, when it is written professionally, it makes an impact. A professionally made resume can make you a brand. It creates an impression which you carry throughout the process, from screening to final hiring.

Why “One Page Resume”?

The recruitment process as evolved over past two decades. A long 4-5 pages resume/CV is not preferred anymore. Time has changed to 1-2 page resume. To write everything and still not making it complex, is the quality of a good resume writer. Use of right keywords, and providing right set of information is the key. “One Page Resume” is doing this in excellent way.

Why do we provide training on “How to present your resume”?

Got a good resume! very nice, but what if you don’t know how to present it. Actually, it is written by a professional who has used keywords and bullets to create an right pattern of interaction during interview. You must know which keyword to be used to drive your interview. If yoy know your resume well, you are on driving seat. We always give training (at no extra cost) on “How to present your resume” to enable candidate to face interview in best possible way.

Why does the Resume Writing Service is costly?

It all depends with whom you are comparing with. Generally, people take resume writing as information display only and that just take writing the words. No industry experience is required that, and so that is cheap. But that doesn’t add any value.

At “One Page Resume” we have hired professionals from different industries with 10+ years of experience to write your resume. The add value to your resume and represent you as a brand. So, our cost is bit higher than the market. You also won’t like to get paid lesser than your worth.